Psychological Projection

I was reflecting on this for quite some time now…
Why do people get angry???
I was looking out for answers on net and Wikipedia and it says that – People get angry due to a process known as psychological projection.(now that sounds little edgy). It continues to say that, “The human being has a defense mechanism that makes it easy to bury and forget painful and unresolved issues from the past. When there are any forms of non-harmonious feelings, we can almost always trace it back to projection.” Then good news: It’s easy to cure by yourself, without a doctor, without medication, without years of therapy, or lifetimes of meditation.
Well the website goes on recommending some test which I certainly don’t have time to go through…but guess I got my answer. Reflect on the statement …the issue is that we trace it back, we trace it back to past…issues which are unresolved and hanging in our long term memory. That makes life difficult and us constantly angry!!! So if one wants to feel less angry one should move on…
Chew the forget pill and wear the move on shoes. Grow up!!
Now it makes more sense to me…

Continuing Blogging…

Continuing blogging…
I wouldn’t claim that I am the busiest person on earth, but I am surely busy…end to end. So, here I am trying to make time for something which my heart loves…write!!! or blog in the “e” terminology…
What keeps me busy…?

My Work (I need it, I didn’t earn my degrees to sit at home, it’s about women empowerment!!!)
My Baby (he is my heart!!! Can’t live without him)
My Husband (well, my better half…)
My parents of course (I love them, truly and madly)
My Brother, his girlfriend and their issues (which anyways I m not directly involved, they don’t wish to but I love my brother)
My Parents in law (I spend most of time explain things to them and making them understand thing…nothing, it’s just the old age issue, they are sweet…and I guess no one should crib… we all will go through it)
My sil (sis in law)… (I spend most of the time listening to her…she loves talking :))
My nieces and nephew (they too love talking!!! cutiees)
My room (I ‘m arranging and rearranging always)
The room adjacent (it’s always in mess)
Travel (Office to home, home to office) (totally unproductive)
The naan, maid and domestic help (I spend a lot of time explaining things to them in Kannada…oh it’s a nightmare, they have absolutely no grey cells)
Gmail, Orkut, Facebook, Linkedin and those online society activities (now if you are not on them, you really miss gossip)

Well there are many more… but isn’t that long enough…
So blogpage , I am there , haven’t forgotten you 🙂