We call it, “the curry leaf treatment…”

I am a ‘born Malayali’, why ‘born Malayali’ because I was only given birth to in the Kerala land. For more than 60% of my childhood, I was brought up in a Hindi speaking city and 30% in an English speaking city and only a 10% in the Malayam speaking city, Trivandrum; because my father, almost towards my adolescence realized that I am going through an ‘identity crisis’, which I bet any child who has lead a nomadic life would go through.
However, marriage to a ‘heart Malayali’ brought in a lot of changes in me. I shall explain that… often when people are completely away from their native land, for generations together, their sentiments towards the land and its culture grows leaps and bounds. For, us who have spend some time in the land, though 10% of total may have lesser sentiments. It’s simple, the more you are away from your ‘land’ the more you become interested and curious to know the real culture there and then practice it. I have termed this as ‘back to the roots syndrome’, often due to the struggle people face in creating identity in a foreign land. It’s especially more prominent among people who move countries. An Onam and a Vishu is more a festival to a Singporean malayai than a Kerala malayali.
Well, coming back to my story, my spouse did show me how to start loving being a malayali and now after 9 long years of marriage I am a born and proud non-resident malayali.
During the course of loving the culture I also picked up the slangs, proverbs, sayings etc. and one such is the “curry leaf treatment”. Curry leaves are aromatic leaves often used in Indian cuisine, especially down south and the saying ‘Kariveppila pole’ is popular among malayalis.
Curry leaves even if being used in our curries for its aroma and taste people do throw it away and most of the people do not eat them. They put them in because they do need its taste and aroma and once the dish is made the poor leaves can be chucked… so if people need “one’s support for a purpose, effort, material, income” and don’t need “them” then we say they considered him/her as kariveppila. When people discard/disown someone/something after using it for their benefit, it’s compared to leaving out the curry leaves while serving. ..Kaaryam kazhinjal kariveppila pole! The metro-ised version, ‘the curry leaf treatment… Lol!
Now the reason I am preparing the context is because I see a lot many curry leaves among us. Some used right from the beginning of the dish being prepared while, some at the fag end. Whatever is the sequence; the feeling of being omitted at the end is pathetic and leads the curry leaves mistrusting everyone around. One such curry leaf met me a few days back…This one used right from the dishes’ inception.
Brief to the long story…This Mr. Curry leaf was instrumental in making a relationship happen. A friend of his was terribly in love with one of his female colleagues…Things were all different about the Mr. Friend and the Ms. Colleague girl…Our Mr. Curry leaf mended all things right and made the wedding happen… You know the typical ‘friend I am there for you types’. This was a 3 year long affair. Although the affair reached the brim of non existence many a times, our Mr. Curry leaf jumped in every time to seal it. I guess he liked seeing them together. Finally, it worked up-till a lavish, ambitious wedding… In our Indian weddings, if it has to happen in ‘the Indian way’ with relatives and all, parents play a major role. Mr Curry leaf, thanks to his resourcefulness, could iron out much difference among the parents either side… and so, it was actually an Indian wedding .
Now the treatment part… the girl claims now that this Mr. Curry leaf had been hitting on her ever since ..dont know when and he should be kept away from their circle. (out of nowhere!!!. Well, as I know all the three of them and their personalties to quite an extend, I am aware that the girl is kinda lost on bolts, she was quite famous in the office for her instant potpourri reactions,locking up herself and all that… quite a self-obssesed character I must say. And there it goes… as expected, the Mr Friend is avoiding Mr Curry leaf… leaving him wondering and definitely out casted!!!I wonder why such a reaction from the girl..well some panic reactions have no explanations..lol!!! I don’t want to get into the details of the story here and will stick to the take away rather..
I must also mention that this Mr. Curry leaf was very honest with this couple and if he had to hit on her he would not have bullshitted himself getting them married, he didn’t have to wait for the wedding to get over…Well, there is no point talking to deaf ears..
After I heard him out…I reassured him, you are not alone… there are many curry leaves around  and this is called as the classic “Curry leaf treatment”… He laughed and actually laughed over and over again. I guess he pictured himself like a curry leaf…
I am sure he is much better now… but I am sure next time he will be cautious before adding flavor to any dish or if he would he will not have any expectations!!
Cheers to the curry leaves among us… Cheers to you Mr. Curry leaf!