My perfect morning!

Today’s morning is one of the mornings I have been able to wake up early and be glad about it…I am enjoying the morning, and the best part is that I am keying it all down! Ha!
What is that I am enjoying… the morning sun, the cold breeze from the kitchen window, aroma of the potato dish which is being cooked, the fermenting batter, the look of fresh vegetables spread on the kitchen table, the piping hot milk, the tea boiling…and the lovely Bhupinder da s song “ Dil doonta hai” playing in my BB.. Perfect! Life mein aur kya chahiye… such lovely mornings goes a long way de-stressing and eliminating all that tension filled, hectic time at work or otherwise… it’s a wonderful repair mechanism!
In fact, Bhupinder da s song “Dil doontha ha” spoke just that… the lyrics goes like this, and I must say that I am a lyrics person; music person too… but lyrics first. Dil dhoondta hai phir wohi fursat ke raat din.. Baithe rahein tasavvur e jaana kiye hue… which means ‘The heart once again yearns for those leisurely days and nights, when we could just sit back leisurely, and let our imagination wander’ wow!!!Wish we could just do that… the song goes on with some amazing description of hills and seasons…Lyrics talk about being on a hill station listening to echoes, and the echo in the music that follows virtually takes you there to the hills…Well I am neither at a hill station nor there is any echo but yeah, fursat ki ek subah zaroor hai.. and dil dhoonta hai fursat ke chand pal., which is so difficult to find these days…

So, let me cherish this a little more…bliss…

Cycle of love!

Cycle of love… it does terminate in expectations. They are inevitable…some end well some sad.

Again, what I am expressing here is merely my thought… You may agree or disagree. This time it’s not between a guy and a girl, that’s the first thing which comes to our mind when we say “love”. This love which I am speaking about is in actual sense our first love. It’s love towards our parents…
Every girl’s first hero is her dad; every boy’s first lady love is his mum. If not for all the time but surely for some time…This you and I can’t deny! So read on…
We all get married and have children, make families…bring up kids with loads of care. The feeling of parenthood is a heavenly experience …I am sure all the parents out there will agree. The weaning baby and then a toddler; their expressions, hugs, kisses, play, questions, frown, cry… everything is just so wonderful!

Now some questions and answers…

Who experiences these…? We, the parents…
Who has all their senses very well developed to experience this feeling…? We, again…
Who cherishes these moments…? We, who else!
Are we doing a favour to our children by bringing them up by giving them the best…? Obviously not, no-one asked us to… it’s our choice!
Do you love your child selflessly…? Oh yeah! Any doubts…? My child! after all.

Having children, loving them and bringing them up in the best way you can is the most self-pampering thing a being does. Humans too…Just that humans expect things in return! And there it goes, root cause to all the problems of parents expecting and adult children not fulfilling.

Some common questions thrown to an adult kid when there is a serious ruffle… when expectations are not met with and my blunt answers to them.

I carried you for 9 months in my tummy… well I was only the result of one moment of pleasure out of many you have had!
You are 5 feet and odd now, thanks to all that we earned hard… so you didn’t want me to eat, why didn’t you let me starve then?
It’s your mum’s milk which runs through your vein… well the moment I sucked milk out of your breasts I made you experience another heavenly dimension of motherhood!

So, you think adult kids don’t have any obligations to their aged parents!!!
They should and must have! It’s the biggest order of duty one must not forget, not because parents have expectation but because it’s our prime obligation to take care of arms that reaped us!

They say that all that what our parents were to us we realise when we have our kids. Sleepless nights, tiring days, feeding race, answering questions, admission queues… how can one not repay?

They don’t have to expect! We must be obliged!
If we may not be obliged… then we too better not expect!

Bring up your children in your love… imbibe sense of duty in them. Sow love and you will get that in return…and it applies at either ends. It’s just a cycle of love!