Equal but Different!


The19th century came in with the realization that women empowerment was necessary and that the liberation of women lies in their economic empowerment. The more familiar term ‘Feminism’ was a trend then. With more and more women educating themselves and finding job, the world was witnessing a change…

Inception of ‘feminism’ was with the idea that basic human rights should be given to women. I must say that feminist movement had a very noble thought behind it. It was to break free from the chains of inhuman treatment women were subjected to in the past. This movement helped a lot, things changed for better. Results…emphasis on educating girl child, employment opportunities, fair salaries, place in the government, fairer laws…basically equality! But as we turn to we turn to the dawn of a new century… has aggressive feminism, especially in the economic empowerment front cost us women heavy?

Now, we all know that every creation is product of 50 and 50. Pay attention to the ‘50 and 50’. That means, a man and a woman contribute equally to the nature…they are equal. So, who made it look all so unequal and unfair? Yes, we humans! According to nature, neither man nor woman is less important. Nature never made it that way… however, by the sheer way human beings were crafted certain benefits were bestowed upon the masterpieces owing to the features they possessed.

Man among the masterpieces was made physically superior, bestowed with the ability to take risk. This form had to have physical and mental features to help him accomplish what he was meant for…He was made tall and strong. He had to be individualistic, aggressive, authoritative and relied on rational thought… His job primarily was to provide and protect. The other form, woman, was defined to do the rest half of the job. She was to nurture and bring forth. This form had to have features which would help her bear, rear and care. Her mind and body was suited for those purposes. She was social, subtle, compassionate and strong at heart. My opinion on characteristics of a typical man and woman may be generalizations, of course, but they are fairly obvious.

Coming to the discrimination part…I will not be wrong to say that subtlety, which is a feminine character can be misinterpreted as weakness, which did happen. Over years, the physically stronger form took lead and became dominant. Dominance lead to all that we may term as abuse, ill treatment, harassment, oppression! Feminist movement was to change this…it was to break the male breadwinner and female homemaker idea. Women took the toil to prove themselves in the world of man by doing things which he was meant for; because doing things which she was meant for was never valued. There was this ‘necessity to prove’ … Well, we proved and proved well but now that we have proved there is another wave of modern oppression which is leading women into proving more…

In the run of ‘rubbing shoulders’ with men, like in the corporate world which I can speak of, the educated working women are getting clogged down in the vicious circle of meeting up with expectations, again, defined by us… So, have we become empowered or have we bestowed ourselves with unnecessary tribulations which are associated with modern jobs requiring women to spend stressful days at work and alongside managing household trying to be the best mother and best everything else… Are women killing themselves trying to ‘rub shoulders with men’? Why do we have to rub shoulders, when we are already equal? What the modern woman is doing to herself today is killing her feminine character trying to be right there on top of everything.  As a result, increased heart attacks, hormonal imbalance, reproductive issues, aggressive behavior towards children, abusive lifestyle to cope up with stress…the list is endless. Giving way to classic modern female oppression!

The reality: Men and women are completely different, but they were made as equals. Modernization has pushed woman to go beyond what she was just meant ‘to do’. It has not however got the men pushing beyond. Modern feminism should focus on “men”. It should promote men to partake in all the activities which were once exclusive for women. Both men and women must realize their respective equal roles and complement each other.

Woman has been the most beautiful creation of God, the epitome of evolutionary success by the mere creation she is. Lady, don’t let modern female oppression kill you!

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    • Wouldn’t it be so boring if all of us were same. Guess this difference is the one which keeps us wanting each other..

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