My romanticism of connection!

I have been thinking to write about my experience with this breathtaking movie series which I watched, since last evening. Usually if I read, watch or experience a certain situation and if it gives me an emotional high the only way I can regain my peace is by writing it away.

The last four months, I have been fervently watching movies, one after the other. Firstly, it was one of the things I did to fill in all the free time I get in a constructive way. Moving to Perth and job hunting scenario has given me a lot of time just for myself. Secondly, it was to catch up all those lovely movies that I had missed over there 8 to 9 years. I was a movie addict, in a nice way, before marriage. But you know how things change when you get into the race of having a family and making a living.

Well, those are reasons of how my movie marathon began post the relocation. Coming back to the trilogy, it was by complete accident that I bumped into reading the reviews of this one called ‘Before Midnight’. It was mentioned there that this movie is a sequel to ‘Before Sunset’. I knew it would make sense for me to watch it after I watch ‘Before Sunrise’, which is the first one in series and ‘Before Sunset’ being the second. I admit that I get a big high through a good conversation, watching this trilogy was unexplainably satisfying.

The story progress from film to film, conversation changes along with phases of life… ‘Before Sunrise’ is based on this amazing new conversation and relationship between this 23 odd boy and girl in the hours that they have with each other before sunrise. Beautiful, young, engaging and real conversations, just conversation… I am certainly not giving away the plot. The sequel ‘Before Sunset’ filmed with the same actors, some 9 years later in 2004. Both are a bit older and naturally wiser, a 32 odd something but as they rightly point out in one of their conversation, the core never changes. I could see the character still the same as what I had seen them of in the prequel. Just that they had gained more wisdom through their experiences. Man and woman now, yet having the subtle emotions and whole feeling of attraction rekindled. The last part ‘Before Midnight’ was further realistic, in fact much sharper and darker.  The characters are married and have kids. The conversations are much matured yet witty. There is a certain amount of regret, hidden aspirations and insecurities yet there is undying love for one another. The best part is that they still speak with each other like they had met yesterday

I am totally blown out. This is my idealistic romance situation, I must say. Conversations which moved over time and space… a certain connection which in this case worked out into a marriage… I watched them one after the other…could not stop. Yeah, I am eternally thankful to the all powerful and all encompassed Google for having let me see them one after the other. If I had to wait for the time gaps in real, it would have played with my head.

Sharing a few excerpts of conversation between Celine and Jesse… 🙂

Before Sunrise
Celine: Isn’t everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?
Jesse: People always talk about how love is this totally unselfish, giving thing, but if you think about it, there’s nothing more selfish.

Before Sunset
Celine: Memory is a wonderful thing if you don’t have to deal with the past.
Jesse: Life’s hard. It’s supposed to be. If we didn’t suffer, we’d never learn anything.

Before Midnight
Celine: Women explore for eternity in the vast garden of sacrifice.
Jesse: You remember that guy who loved you and you had that great romance with? It’s me.

Now some facts…

I did mention Google right. Well, a naturally curious me knocked Google doors again to find out if the couple was real. I knew that Richard Linklater, the writer and director of the movie, conceived it out of his own life incident. A little more researching led to a rather sad reality. I came through this article called ‘The Real Couple Behind Before Sunrise’ by Forrest Wickman, a Slate staff writer.  

He reveals that the girl Linklater met one night was Amy Lehrhaupt. He mentions, “Almost 25 years ago, Lehrhaupt met a young man named Richard Linklater and spent a night with him that he never forgot. Their encounter inspired Linklater to conceive and direct Before Sunrise, the first film in the series. She never saw it, though; unbeknownst to Linklater, by the time that movie came out, Lehrhaupt was dead.”

Now isn’t that sad!

The encounter, the wonderful time they shared and rest of the story is mentioned in his article. If you are interested you may read through this link.

Well, it may be just a movie but I guess I related to it so much only because my romanticism of connection between two was so close to it. 



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