“Which stage is the best in life”, I was asked
“The stage I am in” was my reply
Is your answer same as mine?

Well the secret is,
Whichever phase might your life may lie…
Cherish it for it may fly.
The things you do to craft that chapter,
Will that all be left, which finally matters.

A child finds joy in his newfound toy,
Teenager the same in fancying the girl next by,
A newlywed in his partner’s eye,
and a father in his baby girls smile,
Their kids settled gives content to aged parents like mine,
Prayer beads give peace to those in their last mile…
Description of happiness keeps changing
as life slowly counts its side.

Every chapter has its own charm,
So weave it with love, passion and joy
To cherish,
when you gaze at the one which was round the corner
and the one which just passed by.


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