Cycle of Love

Cycle of love… it does terminate in expectations. Well, expectations are inevitable…some end well, some sad.

Again, what I am expressing here is merely my thought. You may agree or disagree.

This time around the love I am talking about is not between a guy and a girl. Isn’t that the first thing which comes to our mind when we say ‘love’?

This love which I am speaking about, is in its actual sense is our ‘first love’. It’s love towards our parents. Every girl’s first hero is her dad; every boy’s first lady love is his mum. If not for all the time, but surely for some time… This you and I can’t deny! So read on…

We get married and some have children, make families… bring up kids with loads of love and care. The feeling of parenthood is a heavenly experience. I am sure all the parents out there will agree. The weaning baby and then a toddler; their expressions, hugs, kisses, play, questions, frown, cry… everything is just so wonderful!

Now some questions and their answers…

Who experiences these pleasures of parenthood…?

We, the parents…


Who has all their senses very well developed to experience this feeling…?

We, again…


Who cherishes these moments…?

We, who else!


Are we doing a favor to our children by bringing them up by giving them the best…?

Obviously not, no-one asked us to… it’s our choice!


Do you love your child selflessly…?

Oh yeah! Any doubts…? My child! after all…


Having children, loving them and bringing them up, is the most self-pampering act a human being does. In fact, seeing a child in his or her own image is a selfish feeling. We take pride in them. Isn’t it? Accept it.

So, we as parents do everything to make sure that our children have the best childhood they can and while doing so something gets accounted in our emotional banks. We while debiting love, credit expectations into our accounts! We expect returns when our little children become able adults. All kinds of expectations… and there it goes, root cause to all the problems of parents ‘expecting’ and adult children ‘not fulfilling’.

Now it that right or wrong? Well nothing is right or wrong. It’s just the way we are. We love and we expect.

They say that all that what our parents were to us we realize when we have our kids. Sleepless nights, tiring days, feeding race, answering questions, admission queues… how can one not repay?

So, even if the parents expect or not, we must be obliged!

If weren’t obliged as children… then we better not expect as parents! It’s after all a CYCLE!

Well, I guess as parents the best we can do is to bring up your children in your love… imbibe sense of duty in them. Sow love and you will get that in return.

As children try you best to repay the love you received from your parents through making sure that you have a sense of duty towards them and you love them. Remember, you owe them big time. Your very identity, “your name” is after all their idea 🙂

 It’s just a cycle of love!


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