Wine and Women

What is it with women and wine? I do not really know of the statistics but have noticed that generally women are okay to drink wine and may say a blunt no to beer and other hard drinks.

I was discussing with a new-found guy friend of mine and he gave me an interesting outlook to the practice. In his words, “Well I guess it’s because that’s the only drink that women don’t get guilty with”. Now I think that’s some truth there.

I shall park that thought and explain later. A more straightforward reason of women choosing wine over other drinks may be the taste. Beer is obviously bitterer and is less appealing to most of the women folk. At least in my case that’s the 80% of the reason. In a nice way, wine may mean different things to different women. It makes me feel classy, beautiful and health conscious. It’s good for skin and has antioxidants, so it’s like a twin gain for me. I get high and I get my dose of antioxidants, which is so needed for a 30 something me. That obviously doesn’t keep me away from occasionally trying and sipping other spirits. However, I will not deny that I do suffer a 20% of what he said.

Moving to the no-guilt-wine part… Now, the world I come from, women do want to drink or rather get high with a drink but this whole thing of social image, opinion building and culture keeps them away from beer and other spirits. This I am saying not out of assumption, I know of many who have confessed this truth to me. “I love getting high with some alcohol, but if I were to gulp in that whiskey, what would people think of me?”

So, in this party I go to, I see men with bottles of beer and women with lovely red wine glasses, happily drinking away. Now, the fun part is that most beer is 4-7% alcohol by volume and wine is 12 -15% up till 21% in fortified wines. So the fact is; those lovely wine drinking women are consuming more alcohol per ounce. So, what the hell is this social thing? Women…drink… ah!

Now the max they think they can move to is Vodka or Gin; but again a woman kicking back glasses of vodka or gin on the rocks every get together does send signals, doing so with wine looks more harmless and is unquestionably more socially acceptable. Isn’t that some hypocrite world out there? You and me in it!



  1. Wine makes me feel classy too 🙂 and I agree, I don’t like the taste of the other alcoholic beverages too much either. Perhaps we can look at it this way, men don’t want to be seen with wine glasses as often as be seen with beer too, again a consideration of ‘what would people think?’

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