Don’t get to close..

Random thoughts from a writer

   You ever get the feeling that if someone get’s to close that they will see your inner most thought’s?

We often find ourselves pushing away other’s, because we feel if they get to close they will hurt us. I can understand wanting to push people away, you feel that you will get “burned” so to speak. My question is though, if we never open our heart’s then how do we learn to care about other’s. Every one of us has been hurt by someone in our live’s, it’s what we do with that pain that set’s us apart. If you find yourself angry at the world all the time, then you have not let “it” go yet. If you find that when people try to get “close” to you, that you sabotage your relationship’s.. you, my friend, have not let it go. The whole world is not out to…

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