Behind the Mirror

Sometimes when your mind is itching to write and you really don’t know what to write on, it’s good to look for an inspiration around. Bless you Ben Huberman, the Daily post guy… a random wandering over my inbox lead to your prompt for today, ‘Mind Reader’.

Prompt – Who’s the last person you saw before reading this prompt? Whether it’s a family member, a coworker, or a total stranger, write a post about what that person is thinking right now…?

Well, I looked at myself in the mirror.

What was I thinking about? I was thinking about someone.

So, if I am allowed to tweak the prompt a little, I would rather ask this… Whom does one think about the most, especially when one’s mind is idle? Isn’t it obvious now that I was idling around before I read the prompt and I was definitely thinking about someone. Evidently enough, I might be thinking about that person quite often.

So, who does one think about most of the times?

The answer is quite simple.

It’s either the one you are completely in love with. You love this person and when you think of him/her a quiet smile lights up your being. It could be an obsession, an infatuation, a crush, some you totally adore, your eternal admiration, someone awesome who makes you feel so good. It could be empathy, sympathy, cuddly, filial, maternal, paternal, brotherly, sisterly, friendly, and all those tender feeling and connections built on the base of love.

Or it’s that person you hate or wish to forget and have no answers from. It could be anybody. Your rude boss who wouldn’t explain why he is cross with you all the time? Or your ex love who dumped you and disappeared or may be your sister who wouldn’t talk to you after a silly fight. Don’t you feel those lines on your forehead when you think of this person? Sometimes, there is pain when you think of this person. Yeah, there is a question too ‘why’… why is it so between me and him/her? I am assuming we unconsciously ask this to ourselves because at our core being we look for reconciliation. We look for answers. We look for peace. We look for love.

Now that brings me to the question… whom was I thinking about? Yeah, I know whom was I thinking about. That person is real; somewhere between my shadow and the soul.

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