16 thoughts on “Truth QUOTE #011

  1. I love the panorama on your header – that’s awesome – I’m a panaroma geek from time to time.

    It’s an interesting proposition in the subjective truth realm, one I cannot deny. I’d say that’s more belief than truth, though.

    Some truth is universal. Other truth is subjective, dependent on belief.



      1. True, and I learned something about use of language 🙂

        The pano is perfect for a blog header, or a print hanging on one’s wall.

      2. Oh thank you Don, I am actually not doing much for visitors though. I should, but I guess it will happen…thanks to ur kindness mate 🙂

      3. My pleasure. I really do love the panorama, and art is best shared. Particularly, the guy who managed to photobomb in the right hand side. Also, truth is something that I’ve studied a little, and thought about a lot, so was insightful writing for me.

        But do of course take things at your own pace, and do your blog however you want.



      4. I had a couple of bereavements, so doing less on the blog, whilst emotionally processing … but I’d like to see you panorama, so will drop by

  2. Reblogged this on Don Charisma and commented:
    Long time follower of my blog – “Moriaus” of “Moriau – I am a Woman” blog shared with me initially a little bit of her writing, in response to one of my Quotes posts – and I discovered she’s also an amazing photographer and poet too.

    Which led to a conversation, and this is how friendships start.

    Highly recommended – her panorama at the top of her blog, which I think is a wet San Francisco evening – really stunning work.

    So, I’m proud to present yet another diverse voice – A charismatic lady photographer and poet – Moriaus



    (Please comment and like on the original blogger’s blog)

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