Stop and Look Up!

The weather is turning cold here, and a few days back we had storms in our part of the world. It’s passed now, but did leave a catastrophe behind. I have, however, always believed in looking for the silver lining. So the good thing about this week is that it is wet. Mornings are glorious, magic literally. Drizzles, gushes of showers sometimes,  lit with sunlight at one end and dark clouds on the other.

Once in a while, we do get to witness heavenly magic too. All one has to do is to stop and look up. Yeah, I am talking about RAINBOWS. Play of lights in sky, which I am too fascinated about. May be ‘he’ just wanted us to see how spectacularly he can split white light into seven beautiful colors merging and fading in heavens, to feast our eyes.

I was so lucky to see one this morning. I was literally spellbound when I got to look up at sky from my car window and saw a double rainbow.

“Should I just stop the car and try a click ? Nah I won’t make it! Where will I park? I mean look at it, a complete arch. Spectacular! Not just one, see there… another one emerging. God, I must stop and click.”

I did stop, got out of the car,  positioned myself with my mobile camera to possibly try a panorama shot. A few drops of water from heaven wet my phone, and I could see the the arches glowing at its best. Vibrant split and radiant… double rainbow. I could see all the seven colors distinctively. Got a couple panorama shots and as I was clicking, a few big gushes of rain came down pouring and the rainbows just faded away. Such a beautiful phenomenon! Rays of sun, water droplets, dark clouds and a little play of colors in sky.

I can’t possibly articulate the satisfaction I had that I captured the magic. Not as much in my gadget, but in my mind. So much better there! Sometimes one has to just stop, and watch.

The Rainbow
By Christina Rossetti

Boats sail on the rivers,
And ships sail on the seas;
But clouds that sail across the sky
Are prettier far than these.

There are bridges on the rivers,
As pretty as you please;
But the bow that bridges heaven,
And overtops the trees,
And builds a road from earth to sky,
Is prettier far than these.

Here’s my click. Come on, feast your soul now!

Double Rainbow, Bentley, Perth, Western Australia – 27/05/2020 – 0744 hrs

5 thoughts on “Stop and Look Up!

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    Long time follower of my blog Moriaus, of “Moriau” blog reached out to me, and I have a soft spot for panoromas, lovely women and rainbows … well done Moriau 🙂

    So, I proudly present her excellent writing, and beautiful photography – as a gift for you, I hope you like 🙂

    (Please comment and like on the original blogger’s blog)

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